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Deadline for submission of papers

The Scientific Committee of the Congress has determined the submission deadline as 1 March 2020.

Abstracts and uploading to the system

Abstracts will be sent online through the congress website under the titles of oral presentations and poster presentations. The Scientific Committee has the right to decide whether to change the oral or electronic poster presentations.

Abstracts should not exceed 3500 characters.

Oral abstracts should be original research structured as “purpose, material and method, findings, discussion and conclusion (Case reports and abstracts should not be submitted in the oral presentation category with pictures).

Abstracts of electronic poster  will be accepted in the categories of research, case presentation and pictures with a subject (educational poster).

Research poster abstracts should be in the form of “purpose, material and method, findings, discussion and conclusion,case presentation abstracts should be in the form of“ introduction, case presentation, discussion and conclusion and a topic abstract with illustrations should be in the form of introduction (learning objectives), imaging methods and findings, discussion and conclusions ”.

At least 3 pictures (and / or tables) should be uploaded to the system. It should be taken into consideration that the referees in the paper evaluation process will make evaluations by taking these criteria into consideration when making an acceptance or rejection decision.

Evaluation of the papers and reporting the results

After the evaluation of the abstracts by the referees, the acceptance of the abstracts will be notified by electronic mail at the end of March.

Important notice about abstracts with accepted summaries

Full texts of abstracts whose summaries are accepted as e-posters should be uploaded to the system by  March 20,2020 at the latest. If the entire paper has not been uploaded to the system in the appropriate format or has not been uploaded, an invitation letter will be sent to the author who will submit the abstract by e-mail. Summaries of abstracts whose abstracts have been accepted but the full texts have not been uploaded to the system will not be included on the congress abstract CD. It is important that the authors make preliminary preparations accordingly in order not to lose their rights afterwards.

Important notice about Congress registration for absract submitters

For oral presentations; the physician who will be presenting and for electronic poster presentations;at least one physician listed in the author list  must be registered by the congress by 20 March 2020 at the latest. Abstracts of the authors who have not registered before this date (TMRD Board of Directors decision) will not be included in the congress abstracts CD.